Our Services

Standard Service

Delivery within 2-3 hours (depending on distance)

VIP Service

This level of service is designed for pressing material that must arrive promptly but does not necessarily need to go direct. Delivery within 1-2 hours depending on distance)

Double VIP / Direct Service

The DVIP service is reserved for urgent jobs and is designed to meet our clients’ strictest demands for material to arrive as soon as possible.  Your job will be allocated to the closest driver, picked up immediately and delivered direct to its destination.

Taxi Truck Service

The Taxi Truck Service exists for heavy or bulky loads requiring the use of a Van or a Truck.

After Hours & Weekend Service

We provide an After Hours & Weekend Service for jobs that cannot wait until the next business day morning.
i.e. before 7:30am and after 6pm Monday to Friday.

Interstate Air and Road Service

This includes same day or next day AM service to all capital cities.

International Service

To any country in the world. We take care of all necessary documentation including custom declaration forms when shipping non-documents.